Google Analytics – Finding Your Inner Geek!!

google analytics geek Google Analytics & Why You Need It!

So you’re the proud owner of a website and you’re happy that you’re finally done talking to that weird computer dude who always wore the same anime t-shirt.

(Does he have 4 of the same t-shirt or is he “double day’in it”? You’ll never know)

Next you sit back and look at your pretty new site and wait for the money to start pouring in… right?!

Uhmm No!

Don’t make the classic mistake of thinking that the creation of your site is the beginning and end of your online prowess. It should only be the beginning.

Whether you’re planning on running your own digital marketing or hiring some awesome hipster to do it for you, there is one program you need to have at least a basic understanding of – Google Analytics.

In the world of business there can be nothing more powerful than understanding your customers, knowing what they want and why they make the buying decisions that they do. In the online world Google Analytics does just that.

Google Analytics breaks down what is actually happening on your site and what your “traffic” is doing. With this information you’re able to analyze and shape important decisions in all aspects of business. From marketing campaigns to SEO optimization Google Analytics needs to be your “jam”.

Here are just a handful of insights you could gain from an analytics account

  • How much traffic your site is getting? 
    • Seriously- Is your site just hanging out looking pretty or are people finding it and perusing through your content completing your desired website goal: buying product, signing up for your newsletter, or entering their contact information
  • What source is your traffic is coming from?
    • Referring websites, blogs, search engine queries, or your awesome Facebook page where your mom clicks “like” most often
  • What country? What City?
    • Are the people you want and your target audience finding you or are all of your clicks out of Russia?
  • Are people coming back more than once?
    • Are you having repeat visitors/customers or are users finding you vowing never to return again.
  • How many new users found you after your last online campaign?
    • This is a huge one! How can you measure where to direct your marketing dollars if you don’t know which marketing effort has prompted the visit

I could go on and list the multiple benefits of being able to use and interpret your website data through analytics but I think you get my point.

Having a basic understanding of Google Analytics will allow you to make the decisions needed to optimize your business both online and offline.

Want to get started? Go to Google Analytics Academy and check out their free video tutorials. They can be dry at moments but it’s nothing 15 coffee breaks can’t handle! Find your inner geek!!

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